SVK::Command::Info - Display information about a file or directory


    info [PATH | DEPOTPATH]




For example, here's the way to display the info of a checkout path

 % svk info ~/dev/svk
 Checkout Path: /Users/gugod/dev/svk
 Depot Path: //svk/local
 Revision: 447
 Last Changed Rev.: 447
 Copied from /svk/trunk, Rev. 434
 Merge from /svk/trunk, Rev. 445

You can see the result has some very basic information, the actual depot path, and current revision. Below are advanced information about the copy/merge log about this depot path. The result of 'svk info //svk/local' is almost the same as above, except for the 'Checkout Path:' line is not there, because you're not refering to a checkout path.

One thing you have to notice is the revision number on 'Copied from' and 'Merge from' line is not the one to //svk/local after copy/merge, but is to //svk/trunk. The example above state that, "//svk/local is copied from the 434-th revision of //svk/trunk", and "//svk/local is merge from the 445-th revision of //svk/trunk". So if you do a 'svk log -r 434 //svk/local', svk would tell you that //svk/local doesn't exist at revision 434.

So far there is no easy way to tell the actual revision number of //svk/local right after the copy/merge.

If the target depot path, or the corresponding depot path of the target checkout path is actually a mirroring path, it would display like this:

 % svk info //svk/trunk
 Depot Path: //svk/trunk
 Revision: 447
 Last Changed Rev.: 445
 Mirrored From:, Rev. 1744

So you can see this depot path is mirror from a remote repository, and so far mirrored up to revision 1774.


Chia-liang Kao <>


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