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Chia-liang Kao (高嘉良)


SVK::Command::Mirror - Initialize a mirrored depotpath


 mirror [http|svn]://host/path DEPOTPATH
 mirror cvs::pserver:user@host:/cvsroot:module/... DEPOTPATH
 mirror p4:user@host:1666://path/... DEPOTPATH

 # You may also list the target part first:
 mirror DEPOTPATH [http|svn]://host/path

 mirror --list [DEPOTNAME...]
 mirror --relocate DEPOTPATH [http|svn]://host/path 
 mirror --detach DEPOTPATH
 mirror --recover DEPOTPATH

 mirror --upgrade //
 mirror --upgrade /DEPOTNAME/


 -l [--list]            : list mirrored paths
 -d [--detach]          : mark a depotpath as no longer mirrored
 --relocate             : relocate the mirror to another URI
 --recover              : recover the state of a mirror path
 --unlock               : forcibly remove stalled locks on a mirror
 --upgrade              : upgrade mirror state to the latest version


Chia-liang Kao <clkao@clkao.org>


Copyright 2003-2005 by Chia-liang Kao <clkao@clkao.org>.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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