NAME - packaging svk

SYNOPSIS    # build svk from src/SVK-version.tar.gz dist file .. # build svk from the toplevel tree of current checkout


Put the CPAN dist files under src and will create a build tarball which bundles the svn libraries. To use, just untar and symlink svk under it to a bin path. There will also be a maketest script for you to run the included tests.

If you are on win32, This will build a bundled installer for you including svn libraries and all necessary perl core modules. you need the and svn-win*{,_pl}.zip under current directory before you run can be obtained by zipping the freshly installed strawberry-perl for the moment. You will also need NSIS installed under $PATH or C:\program files\nsis. You also need the unzip.exe binary in your path (FIXME: just use our extract method)


  • README file in the build.

  • cleanup win32 build code to be more like unix build.