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AnnoCPAN::Perldoc::SyncDB - Download the AnnoCPAN database


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    use AnnoCPAN::Perldoc::SyncDB;
       dest => "$ENV{HOME}/.annopod.db",
       verbose => 1,


This module provides a simple interface to mirror the content to a local machine. In conjunction with the AnnoCPAN::Perldoc module, this allows one to get all the benefits of the AnnoCPAN website in one's local perldoc command.

Recommended usage: 1) Install this module and AnnoCPAN::Perldoc, 2) set up a weekly process to run the syncannopod command included in this distribution, 3) Put the following in your shell configuration: alias perldoc annopod.



Returns the default URL for the annopod.db file. If there is an argument, it sets the default URL to that value before returning.


Mirrors the annopod.db file from the net. The behavior can be altered via hash-like options:

dest => filename

Specifies the filename where the downloaded file should be stored.

Defaults to the same location used by AnnoCPAN::Perldoc, or if that fails $HOME/.annopod.db ($HOME\annopod.db on Windows).

src => url

Specifies the net resource that should be mirrored.

Defaults to the baseurl property of this module.

timeout => seconds

Specifies the LWP::UserAgent timeout. Defaults to 30 seconds.

compress => flag

Specifies which version of the database to download. The options are bz2, gz, the empty string (i.e. no compression) or undef, which means autodetection. The autodetect mode checks if you have Compress::Bzip2 or Compress::Zlib installed before picking the best of the other flag values.

Defaults to undef (that is, autodetect mode).

verbose => boolean

Defaults to a false value. If set to true, this method prints status messages to the output filehandle.




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