MIME::Detect::Type - the type of a file


    my $type = $mime->mime_type('/usr/bin/perl');
    print $type->mime_type;
    print $type->comment;



Reference to the aliases of this type


Array reference of the type description in various languages (currently unused)


    print "Content-Type: " . $type->mime_type . "\r\n";

String of the content type


    print $_ for @{ $type->globs };

Arrayref of the wildcard globs of this type


    print $type->extension; # pl

Returns the default extension for this mime type, without a separating dot or the glob.

$type->valid_extension( $fn )

    print "$fn has the wrong extension"
        unless $type->valid_extension( $fn );

Returns whether $fn matches one of the extensions as specified in globs. If there is a match, the extension is returned without dot.


    print $type->priority;

Priority of this type. Types with higher priority get tried first when trying to recognize a file type.

The default priority is 50.


    my $sc = $type->superclass;
    print $sc->mime_type;

The notional superclass of this file type. Note that superclasses don't necessarily match the same magic numbers.

$type->matches $buffer

    my $buf = "PK\003\004"; # first four bytes of file
    if( $type->matches( $buf ) {
        print "Looks like a " . $type->mime_type . " file";


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