Installing the module is easy:

1. Download the distribution 2. Unpack it 3. Start a shell in the distribution directory

4a. With a recent version of the cpan tool, run cpan . there.

4b. Alternatively run the following commands: perl Makefile.PL make make test make install


If you notice that tests get skipped and/or the module installs but "does not seem to work", there are some more steps required to configure Firefox:

1. Install mozrepl from

   A direct link is

2. Launch Firefox

3. Start mozrepl in Firefox by going to the menu: "Tools" -> "MozRepl" -> "Start" You may want to tick the "Activate on startup" item.

If tests still fail, especially t/50-click.t and 51-mech-submit.t , this might be because you use the NoScript Mozilla extension and have it blocking Javascript for file:// URLs. While this is good, the tests need Javascript enabled.

Solution: 1. Open t/50-click.html in Firefox 2. Allow Javascript for all file:// URLs 3. Re-run tests 4. No test should fail