App::gh::Command::PullReq::Send - pull request of current branch.



    $ gh pullreq send ([base branch]) ([owner]/[repo])

Base branch: the branch you fork from.

Owner/Repo: the repository you fork from.


    $ gh pullreq send

    $ gh pullreq send master c9s/App-gh


API Spec is from

    pull[base] - A String of the branch or commit SHA that you want your
        changes to be pulled to.

    pull[head] - A String of the branch or commit SHA of your changes.
        Typically this will be a branch. If the branch is in a fork of the original
        repository, specify the username first: "my-user:some-branch".

    pull[title] - The String title of the Pull Request (and the related Issue).

    pull[body] - The String body of the Pull Request.