# You need an account at

  duckpan check
  # Check for the requirements to make duckpan contributions
  duckpan goodie test
  # Fire up your own CLI DuckDuckGo to test goodies
  # Use it in the zeroclickinfo-goodies repository root
  duckpan help <command>
  # Getting help

  # TODO  
  duckpan release
  duckpan test
  duckpan faq
  # TODO

  # BETA
  duckpan setup
  # Setup your environment for using Dist::Zilla::Plugin::UploadToDuckPAN
  # BETA


DuckPAN is a project of DuckDuckGo trying to make a release platform for the contributions to DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo is a search engine, using so a so called Zero-click Info to spice the search result with a very specific result, for example 2+2 or 200 USD to EUR. In this concept there is like a nearly unlimited option of what contributions are possible. Beside gathering those Zero-click Info plugins, we also want to use it to store all released style projects of DuckDuckGo (for example opensource browser plugins and the other user contributed tools).

We are still in the buildup of all this, but you may contact us in the channel mentioned in the SUPPORT section down under. So anything can change, but we try to keep this client and already implemented features stable.




  Join us on #duckduckgo on

  Pull request and additional contributors are welcome

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