Christopher Brown


  • Can object methods be installed to work with the fields such as CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER encrypt? Should objects or attributes be created for each of the fields? How can this be done in a way as to not sacrifice performance. Can we recycle each of those objects, too.


    This can be done with autobox ... I think.

    What about:

  • Indexed based access. Allow for $record->_1, i.e. access to record by _data slot postion.

  • RecordIterator class. Subclass that itererates over a record set. This will likely be ODG::ETL::Extractor ( ODG::ETL::E, for short )

  • MooseX::AttirbuteHelpers::Collection::Array for the _data slot (?) providing list based methods

  • Some checking when _data is set or changed. Minimally that _data_ has the same number of elements as _layout_->_metadata_.

  • Base the L-value accessors on more MooseX::Meta::Attribute::Lvalue

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