Strehler::Element::RSS::RSSChannel - RSS Channel


RSS Channel, configuration of a RSS Channel to erogate a feed based on Strehler entity.


    strehler initentity Strehler::Element::RSS::RSSChannel

Entity installation will create two new database tables to store channels. You'll need a schemadump.

A new javascript will be added to your public directory.


Many attributes are related to RSS 2.0 attributes, as defined by RSS 2.0 Specification:

Link for the Channel


The entity that will be used to generate the RSS


The category of the contents of the RSS


If true will be retrieved contens from the category and from its subcategories.


The field (from selected entity) that will be used as title of the feed.


The field (from selected entity) that will be used as description of the feed. This content will be encoded and used for the field <content:encoded>

The field (from selected entity) that will be used in the link_template (see below) to build the content link

The way the content is reached in the site is indepentent from Strehler, based on how the frontend has been designed. You can write here the template to build a link to the content. Where the link_field will be used write just '%%'.


The way contents will be ordered (to decide most recent).


Multilanguage field.

The title of the channel


Multilanguage field.

The description of the channel.

RSS Channel is a Slugged entity. (see Strehler::Element::Role::Slugged).


Arguments: $entity, $category, $language

Return Values: $link

Class method that can be used to retrieve a link to a RSS, considering an entity and a category. If no language is provided the default link is returned.

Warning: using $entity and $category a unique result is not guarantee. The method will however return the first value found in the database.

Link structure is the one from Strehler::RSS.