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Daniel P. Berrangé


Net::DBus::RemoteService - access services on the bus


  my $bus = Net::DBus->find;
  my $service = $bus->get_service("org.freedesktop.DBus");

  my $object = $service->get_object("/org/freedesktop/DBus");
  foreach (@{$object->ListNames}) {
    print "$_\n";


This object provides a handle to a remote service on the bus. From this handle it is possible to access objects associated with the service. If a service is not running, an attempt will be made to activate it the first time a method is called against one of its objects.


    my $service = Net::DBus::RemoteService->new($bus, $owner, $service_name);

    Creates a new handle for a remote service. The $bus parameter is an instance of Net::DBus, $owner is the name of the client providing the service, while $service_name is the well known name of the service on the bus. Service names consist of two or more tokens, separated by periods, while the tokens comprise the letters a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and _, for example org.freedesktop.DBus. There is generally no need to call this constructor, instead the get_service method on Net::DBus should be used. This caches handles to remote services, eliminating repeated retrieval of introspection data.

    my $bus = $service->get_bus;

    Retrieves a handle for the bus to which this service is attached. The returned object will be an instance of Net::DBus.

    my $service_name = $service->get_service_name

    Retrieves the name of the remote service as known to the bus.

    my $owner_name = $service->get_owner_name;

    Retrieves the name of the client owning the service at the time it was connected to.

    my $object = $service->get_object($object_path[, $interface]);

    Retrieves a handle to the remote object provided by the service with the name of $object_path. If the optional $interface parameter is provided, the object will immediately be cast to the designated interface. NB, it is only neccessary to cast an object to a specific interface if there are multiple interfaces on the object providing methods with the same name, or the remote object does support introspection. The returned object will be an instance of Net::DBus::RemoteObject.


Daniel Berrange <dan@berrange.com>


Copright (C) 2004-2005, Daniel Berrange.


Net::DBus::RemoteObject, Net::DBus::Service, Net::DBus

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