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helper script to make life for PerlCE easier.

There are different modes for running this script: perl comp.pl --run [any-command-line-arguments] and perl comp.pl --do [any-command-line-arguments] and perl comp.pl --copy pc:[pc-location] ce:[ce-location]

--run executes this build of perl on CE device with arguments provided --run=test will display a predefined messagebox that say everything is ok.

--do Executes on local computer command that is presented by arguments immediately following after --do Most reason why you may want to execute script in this mode is that arguments preprocessed to replace [p] occurrences into current perl location. Typically it is handy to run perl comp.pl --do cecopy pc:..\lib\Exporter.pm ce:[p]\lib

--copy copies file to CE device here also [p] will be expanded to current PerlCE path, and additionally when --copy=compact specified then, if filename looks like perl module, then POD will be stripped away from that file modules

  Author Vadim Konovalov.

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