Warnings about modules where we can't find their META.yml or Makefile.PL, and so can't divine their pre-requisites, will be suppressed;


Failure to get a module's dependencies will be a fatal error instead of merely emitting a warning;


Use this version of perl to figure out what's in core. If not specified, it defaults to 5.005. Three part version numbers (eg 5.8.8) are supported but discouraged.


The location of's 02packages.details.txt.gz file as a local filename, with either a relative or an absolute path. If not specified, it is fetched from a CPAN mirror instead. The file is fetched just once.


A directory to use for caching. It defaults to no caching. Even if caching is turned on, this is only for META.yml or Makefile.PL files. 02packages is not cached - if you want to read that from a local disk, see the 02packages option.


Cuts off the dependency tree at the specified depth. Your specified module is at depth 0, your dependencies at depth 1, their dependencies at depth 2, and so on.


If set to true, then for any module that doesn't have a META.yml, try to use its Makefile.PL as well. Note that this involves downloading code from the Internet and running it. This obviously opens you up to all kinds of bad juju, hence why it is disabled by default.

Adds recommended modules to the list of dependencies, if set to a true value.

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