Number::Phone::NANP - NANP-specific methods for Number::Phone


This is a base class which encapsulates that information about phone numbers in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) which are common to all NANP countries - that is, those whose international dialling code is +1. If you are dealing with phone numbers in any of those countries, you should use this module. It will then load the country-specific modules for you as needed.

Country-specific modules should inherit from this module and provide their own versions of methods as necessary. However, they should not provide an is_valid method or a constructor.


in a program:

    use Number::Phone;

    my $phone_number = Number::Phone->new('+1 202 418 1440');
    # $phone_number is now a Number::Phone::NANP::US

    my $other_phone_number = Number::Phone->new('+1 866 623 2282');
    # $phone_number is non-geographic so is a Number::Phone::NANP

in a subclass:

    package Number::Phone::NANP::CA;
    use base 'Number::Phone::NANP';


The following methods from Number::Phone are overridden:


The number is valid within the numbering scheme. It may or may not yet be allocated, or it may be reserved.


Returns 1.


Returns the two-letter ISO country code for this number.


Returns informational text relevant to the whole NANP. Note that when this method is inherited by a subclass it returns undef meaning "not known", but returns information about the NANPA when called on an object of class Number::Phone::NANP.


Return the area code for the number.


Return the name for the area code, if applicable, otherwise returns undef. For instance, for a number beginning with +1 201 200 it would return "Jersey City, NJ".


Return the subscriber part of the number.


Return a sanely formatted version of the number, complete with IDD code.


Please report bugs at, including, if possible, a test case.

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David Cantrell <>

Copyright 2012