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Config::Model::CheckList - Handle check list element


 $model ->create_config_class 
   => [ 
       => { type => 'check_list',
            choice => [ 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D' ],
            help   => { A => 'A effect is this',
                        D => 'D does that',
       => { type => 'check_list',
            refer_to => '- foobar'

  ) ;


This class provides a check list element for a Config::Model::Node. In other words, this class provides a list of booleans items. Each item can be set to 1 or 0.

The available items in the check list can be :

  • A fixed list (with the choice parameter)

  • A dynamic list where the available choise are the keys of another hash of the configuration tree. See "Choice reference" for details.


CheckList object should not be created directly.

CheckList model declaration

A check list element must be declared with the following parameters:


Always checklist.


A list ref containing the check list items (optional)


This parameter is used when the keys of a hash are used to specify the possible choices of the check list. refer_to point to a hash or list element in the configuration tree. See "Choice reference" for details. (optional)


Like refer_to, but use a computed value to find the hash or list element in the configuration tree. See "Choice reference" for details. (optional)


List ref to specify the check list items which are "on" by default. (optional)


Hash ref to provide informations on the check list items.


Used to provide dynamic modifications of the check list properties See Config::Model::WarpedThing for details

For example:

  • A simple check list with help:

           => { type => 'check_list',
                choice     => ['A' .. 'Z'],
                help => { A => 'A help', E => 'E help' } ,
  • A check list with default values:

           => { type => 'check_list',
                choice     => ['A' .. 'Z'],
                default_list   => [ 'A', 'D' ],
  • A check list whose available choice and default change depending on the value of the macro parameter:

           => { type => 'check_list',
                warp => { follow => '- macro',
                          rules  => { AD => { choice => [ 'A' .. 'D' ], 
                                              default_list => ['A', 'B' ] },
                                      AH => { choice => [ 'A' .. 'H' ] },

Introspection methods

The following methods returns the checklist parameter :


Choice reference

The choice items of a check_list can be given by another configuration element. This other element can be:

  • The keys of a hash

  • Another checklist. In this case only the checked items of the other checklist will be available.

This other hash or other checklist is indicated by the refer_to or computed_refer_to parameter. refer_to uses the syntax of the step parameter of grab(...)

See refer_to parameter.

Reference examples

  • A check list where the available choices are the keys of my_hash configuration parameter:

           => { type => 'check_list',
                refer_to => '- my_hash'
  • A check list where the available choices are the checked items of other_check_list configuration parameter:

           other_check_list => { type => 'check_list', 
                                 choice => [qw/A B C/]
           => { type => 'check_list',
                refer_to => '- other_check_list'
  • A check list where the available choices are the keys of my_hash and my_hash2 and my_hash3 configuration parameter:

           => { type => 'check_list',
                refer_to => '- my_hash + - my_hash2   + - my_hash3'
  • A check list where the available choices are the specified choice and the choice of refer_to_3_lists and a hash whose name is specified by the value of the indirection configuration parameter (this example is admitedly convoluted):

           => { type => 'check_list',
                computed_refer_to => { formula => '- refer_to_2_list + - $var',
                                       variables { 'var' => '- indirection ' }
                choice  => [qw/A1 A2 A3/],



Returns check_list.


Returns 'leaf'.

check ( $choice )

Set choice.

uncheck ( choice )

Unset choice

is_checked( choice )

Return 1 if the given choice was set. Returns 0 otherwise.


Returns an array of all items names that can be checked (i.e. that can have value 0 or 1).

get_help (choice_value)

Return the help string on this choice value


Reset the check list (all items are set to 0) (can also be called as clear_values)

get_checked_list_as_hash ( [ custom | preset | standard | default ] )

Returns a hash (or a hash ref) of all items. The boolean value is the value of the hash.


 { A => 0, B => 1, C => 0 , D => 1}

By default, this method will return all items set by the user, or items set in preset mode or checked by default.

With a parameter, this method will return either:


The list entered by the user


The list entered in preset mode


The list set in preset mode or checked by default.


The default list (defined by the configuration model)


The built in list (defined by the configuration model)

get_checked_list ( [ custom | preset | standard | default ] )

Returns a list (or a list ref) of all checked items (i.e. all items set to 1).

fetch ( [ custom | preset | standard | default ] )

Returns a string listing the checked items (i.e. "A,B,C")

get( path [, custom | preset | standard | default ])

Get a value from a directory like path.

set( path , value )

Set a value with a directory like path.

set_checked_list ( item1, item2, ..)

Set all passed items to checked (1). All other available items in the check list are set to 0.


  # set cl to A=0 B=1 C=0 D=1

set_checked_list_as_hash ( A => 1, B => 1 )

Set check_list items. Missing items in the given list of parameters are set to 0.

The example ( A => 1, B => 1 ) above will give :

 A = 1 , B = 1, C = 0 , D = 0

load_data ( list_ref )

Load check_list as an array ref. Data is simply forwarded to set_checked_list.

Ordered checklist methods

All the methods below are valid only for ordered checklists.

swap ( choice_a, choice_b)

Swap the 2 given choice in the list. Both choice must be already set.

move_up ( choice )

Move the choice up in the checklist.

move_down ( choice )

Move the choice down in the checklist.


Dominique Dumont, (ddumont at cpan dot org)


Config::Model, Config::Model::Instance, Config::Model::Node, Config::Model::AnyId, Config::Model::ListId, Config::Model::HashId, Config::Model::Value