Config::Model::Tester::Setup - Common test setup functions for Config::Model


version 4.001


 # in t/some_test.t
 use warnings;
 use strict;

 use Config::Model::Tester::Setup qw/init_test setup_test_dir/;

 my ($model, $trace) = init_test();

 # pseudo root where config files are written by config-model as setup
 # by init_test
 my $wr_root = setup_test_dir();


This module provide 2 functions to setup a test environment that can be used in most test involving Config::Model.



Scan test command line options and initialise a Config::Model object.

Returns a list containing a Config::Model object, a boolean and a hash. The boolean is true if option --trace was used on the command line.

Default command options are:

  • --error: When set, error handled by Config::Model::Exception shows a strack trace when dying.

  • --log: When set, Log::Log4perl uses the config from file ~/.log4config-model or the default config provided by Config::Model. By default, only Error level and above are shown. Experimental.

More options can be passed to init_test using option definitions like the one defined in Getopt::Long . The value of the command line options are returned in the 3rd returned value.

For instance, for a test named t/my_test.t calling :

  init_test('foo', 'bar=s')

The test file can be run with:

  perl t/my_test.t --foo --bar=baz --log --trace

init_test returns:

  ($model, 1, { foo => 1, bar => 'baz', log => 1 , trace => 1, error => 0 })


Cleanup and create a test directory in wr_root/test-script-name. For instance this function creates directory wr_root/foo for test t/foo.t

Returns a Path::Tiny object of the test directory or a string if setup_test_dir is called with stringify => 1.



Dominique Dumont


This software is Copyright (c) 2013-2018 by Dominique Dumont.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2.1, February 1999