Deyan Ginev
and 1 contributors


NNexus::DB::API - Routines for commonly used NNexus queries


    use NNexus::DB;
    $db = NNexus::DB->new(%options);


This class provides API methods for specific SQL queries commonly needed by NNexus.

The intended design of the NNexus::DB family of classes is to encapsulate all raw verbatim SQL statements and stick to safe method-dispatch for database interactions from the other NNexus classes.


Table: Objects


Adds a new object, identified by its $url and $domain. The $domain should match the name of the NNexus::Index::$domain plug-in class.


Retrieve the DB row of an object, identified by its $url, OR $objectid. Returns a Perl hashref, each key being a DB column name.

Table: Concepts


Generic Methods


Return the last inserted id, in an auto-generated primary key column. DBMS-independent, supports MySQL and SQLite so far.


Reset, and if necessary initialize, a SQLite database. This routine holds the reference code, defining the NNexus database schema. NOTE: Only works for a SQLite backend.




Deyan Ginev <>


 Research software, produced as part of work done by 
 the KWARC group at Jacobs University Bremen.
 Released under the MIT license (MIT)