Dhaval Dhanani
and 1 contributors


CatalystX::Restarter::GTK - GTK based Catalyst server restarter.


Set environment variable CATALYST_RESTARTER to CatalystX::Restarter::GTK. Then start server with -r (auto restart on file changes) option.

    export CATALYST_RESTARTER=CatalystX::Restarter::GTK
    perl script/myapp_server -r

You can also create a shell script and add a shortcut to panel. This avoids need of starting terminal.

    cd /home/username/myapp/trunk/
    export CATALYST_RESTARTER=CatalystX::Restarter::GTK
    perl script/myapp_server.pl -r 

To use this restarter for specific application only, set appropriate envioronment variable.



This module provides GUI interface for controlling Catalyst server and viewing console output generated. It captures both STDOUT and STDERR.

It provides tray icon in GNOME notification area and a GTK window on desktop. It is set always on top by default. You can drag window to any screen corner for convenience.

Server can be controlled from window as well as tray icon. You can hide window by minimizing it. Tray icon changes according to server status.

User can view console output and manually restart server from menu.

Whenever any file of project is updated, developer can immediately check server status without switching to console.


This module extends Catalyst::Restarter and depends on its _watcher and _handle_events.


Dhaval Dhanani mailto:dhaval070@gmail.com


Sapan Shah mailto:sapangshah@gmail.com


This library is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


This library is copyright (c) 2011 the above named AUTHOR and CONSTRIBUTOR(s).