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Algorithm::ConsistentHash::Ketama - Ketama Consistent Hashing for Perl (XS)


    use Algorithm::ConsistentHash::Ketama;

    my $ketama = Algorithm::ConsistentHash::Ketama->new();

    $ketama->add_bucket( $key1, $weight1 );
    $ketama->add_bucket( $key2, $weight2 );
    $ketama->add_bucket( $key3, $weight3 );
    $ketama->add_bucket( $key4, $weight4 );

    my $key = $ketama->hash( $thing );


WARNING: Alpha quality code -- and I wrote it for the heck of it, so no guarantees as of yet. Patches, tests welcome.

This module implements just the libketama algorithm. You can specify a list of "buckets", and then you can get the corresponding bucket name back when you hash a string.



Creates a new instance of Algorithm::ConsistentHash::Ketama


Clones the current object.

add_bucket( $key, $weight )

Adds a bucket to the list. $key is the name of the bucket, and $weight denotes the weight of the $key.

hash( $string )

Returns the corresponding bucket name (which you gave when you did add_bucket).

remove_bucket( $key )

Removes the given bucket from the list


Returns a list of Algorithm::ConsistentHash::Ketama::Bucket objects

hash_with_hashnum( $string )

This is an advanced function. Reach for it only if you know exactly why you need it.

Returns both the label (as with the hash() function) AND the computed internal hash. This internal hash number can be used to look up the label again without recomputing the hash.

label_from_hashnum( $hash )

Given a number, returns the label associated with that hash number. Only hashes returned by hash_with_hashnum are permissible.


Portions of this distribution are derived from libketama, which is:

    Copyright (C) 2007 by                                          
       Christian Muehlhaeuser C<< <chris@last.fm> >>
       Richard Jones C<< <rj@last.fm> >>

Affected portions are licensed under GPL v2.

The rest of the code which is written by Daisuke Maki are available under Artistic License v2, and is:

    Copyright (C) 2010  Daisuke Maki C<< <daisuke@endeworks.jp> >>

Please see the file xs/Ketama.xs for more detail.