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Acme::Scripticide - Perl extension to allow your script to kill itself


auto call good_bye_cruel_world()

   use Acme::Scripticide; 

auto call good_bye_cruel_world('Good bye cruel world')

   use Acme::Scripticide qw(Good bye cruel world);

auto put "Good bye cruel world" in [$0 w/out \.\w+$].html, call good_bye_cruel_world()

   use Acme::Scripticide ('.html', qw(Good bye cruel world)); 

only do it when and where you want

   use Acme::Scripticide qw(good_bye_cruel_world);

   if(i_take_medication_and_therapy()) {
       print "Take that Tom Cruise, you wacky weirdo, tell Jackson howdy.";
   else {


None by default.

You can export good_bye_cruel_world and then it won't be automatically done, only when you call it.


This will make your script not exist once its done:


This will replace your script with $note:


This will make your script not exist once its done and put $note in [$0 w/out .\w+].ext

    good_bye_cruel_world('.ext', $note)

When this would actually be handy.

Beleive it or not this is handy if you have a one time job to execute:

    # $script uses Acme::Scripticide
    system $script if -e $script;

or say to create static files from a database:

    # in flowers.pl (copy this to whatever names you want and execute:)
    use Acme::Scripticide qw(good_bye_cruel_world);
    good_bye_cruel_world('.html', get_html($0));

now flowers.pl does not exist and flowers.html is there

You could have a directory full of those types of scripts and glob() them in and execute each one, once done you have a directory of corresponding static html files...


Use at your own risk, this deletes your script so you've been warned :)

Only kill your scripts. If you feel like hurting yourself, please seek professional help.

In the interest of not being too morbid I refrained from making aliases to the function with more graphic names.


Daniel Muey, http://drmuey.com/cpan_contact.pl


Copyright 2005 by Daniel Muey

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.