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  Base class for document objects, extends the DOM with document specific methods.


$class->createDocumentType( $qualifiedName, $publicId, $systemId, $dtd )

  Create a new XML Document Type.

$class->createDocument( $namespaceURI, $qualifiedName, $doctype )

  Creates a new XML Document.


  Returns the main document as an element! it's no longer a document object.


  Returns a document type object for this document.

$document->addId( $id, $element )

  Adds an id of an element, used internaly.

$document->removeId( $id )

  Removes an id of an element, used internaly.

$document->getElementById( $id )

  Returns the element with that id in this document.

$document->addElement( $element )

  Adds an element to the elements list, used internaly.

$document->removeElement( $element )

  Remove the specified element from the elements list, used internaly.

$document->getElements( $type )

$document->getElementsByType( $type )

$document->getElementsByName( $type )

  Get all elements of the specified type/tagName; if none is specified, get all elements in document.



  Get all the element types in use in the document.

$document->addDefinition( $def )

  Add a definition to the document.

$document->definitions( )

  Return all definitions in document.

$document->getNamespace( $uri )

  Return a namespace based on the uri or prefix.

$document->createNamespace( $prefix, $uri )

  Create a new namespace within this document.

$document->addNamespace( $namespace )

  Add namespace to this document.

$document->removeNamespace( $namespace )

  Remove a namespace from this document.

$document->createElement( $name, %options )

  Creates a new element of type name.

$document->createElementNS( $namespace, $name, %options )

  Create an element in a namespace.

$document->createTextNode( $data )

  Create a textnode element.

$document->createComment( $data )

  Create a comment element

$document->createCDATASection( $data )

  create a CDATA element.


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