Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::TestingMania - test your dist with every testing plugin conceivable


version 0.003


This plugin bundle collects all the testing plugins for Dist::Zilla which exist (and are not deprecated). This is for the most paranoid people who want to test their dist seven ways to Sunday.

Simply add the following near the end of dist.ini:


It includes the most recent version (as of release time) of the following plugins, in their default configuration. Note that not all the plugins are actually used by default.

Testing plugins

Excluding Tests

To exclude a testing plugin, give a comma-separated list in dist.ini:

    skip = EOLTests,NoTabsTests

Adding Tests

To add a testing plugin which is listed above, but not enabled by default, give a comma-separated list in dist.ini:

    add = ApacheTest,PodSpellingTests

Attempting to add plugins which are not listed above will have no effect.


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