Perlbal::Manual::FailOver - Fail Over mechanism in Perlbal


Perlbal 1.76.


How Perlbal's Fail Over mechanism works.

Fail Over

Whenever Perlbal fails to open a connection to a machine, it assumes that machine is not available and spreads the load between the remaining servers. It keeps trying to open connections to that server according to error_retry_schedule.

If there are no available servers, Perlbal will keep trying to open connections to the servers until idle_timeout is reached, upon which it will close the connection to the user. Clients interpret that closing differently: most will assume a 500 HTTP code, a few assume a 200 OK with empty content.

For more information on parameters idle_timeout and error_retry_schedule see Perlbal::Manual::ReverseProxy.


Perlbal::Manual::LoadBalancer, Perlbal::Manual::ReverseProxy.