Fey::Column::Alias - Represents an alias for a column


  my $alias = $user_id_col->alias();


This class represents an alias for a column. Column aliases allow you to use the same column in different ways multiple times in a query, which makes certain types of queries simpler to express.



This method constructs a new Fey::Column::Alias object. It takes the following parameters:

  • column - required

    This is the Fey::Column object which we are aliasing.

  • alias_name - optional

    This should be a valid column name for your DBMS. If not provided, a unique name is automatically created.


This returns the name of the column for which this object is an alias.


Returns the name for this alias.








Returns the specified attribute for the column, just like the Fey::Column methods of the same name.


Returns the Fey::Table object to which the column alias belongs, if any.


Always returns false.




Returns the appropriate SQL snippet for the alias.


Returns a unique identifier for the column. This method throws an exception if the alias does not belong to a table.


This class does the Fey::Role::ColumnLike role.


Dave Rolsky, <>


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