Fey::SQL::Insert - Represents a INSERT query


version 0.42


  my $sql = Fey::SQL->new_insert();

  #             (part_id, name, quantity)
  #      VALUES
  #             (?, ?, ?)

  my $ph = Fey::Placeholder->new();

  $sql->values( part_id  => $ph,
                name     => $ph,
                quantity => $ph,

  print $sql->sql($dbh);


This class represents a INSERT query.


This class provides the following methods:


To construct an object of this class, call $query->insert() on a Fey::SQL object.


This method is basically a no-op that exists to so that Fey::SQL has something to call after it constructs an object in this class.


This method specifies the INTO clause of the query. It expects a list of Fey::Column and/or Fey::Table objects, but not aliases.

If you pass a table object, then the INTO will include all of that table's columns, in the order returned by the $table->columns() method.

Most RDBMS implementations only allow for a single table here, but some (like MySQL) do allow for multi-table inserts.


This method takes a hash where the keys are column names, and values are the value to be inserted for that column. Each value can be of the following:

  • a plain scalar, including undef

    This will be passed to Fey::Literal->new_from_scalar().

  • Fey::Literal object

  • Fey::Placeholder object

You can call this method multiple times in order to do a multi-row insert.


Returns the full SQL statement which this object represents. A DBI handle must be passed so that identifiers can be properly quoted.


See the Fey::SQL section on Bind Parameters for more details.


Returns the INSERT INTO clause portion of the SQL statement as a string (just the tables).


Returns the portion of the SQL statement containing the columns for which values are being inserted as a string.


Returns the VALUES clause portion of the SQL statement as a string.



See Fey for details on how to report bugs.


Dave Rolsky <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2011 - 2015 by Dave Rolsky.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)