Fey::Meta::Method::FromSelect - A method metaclass for SELECT-based methods


version 0.47


  package MyApp::Song;

  query average_rating => (
      select      => $select,
      bind_params => sub { $_[0]->song_id() },


This method metaclass allows you to generate a method based on a SELECT query and an optional bind_params subroutine reference.


This metaclass accepts two additional parameters in addition to the normal Moose method options.

  • select

    This must do the Fey::Role::SQL::ReturnsData role. It is required.

  • bind_params

    This must be a subroutine reference, which when called will return an array of bind parameters for the query. This subref will be called as a method on the object which has the method. This is an optional parameter.

Note that this metaclass overrides any value you provide for "default" with a subroutine that executes the query and gets the value it returns.


This class adds a few methods to those provided by Moose::Meta::Attribute:


Returns the query object associated with this attribute.


Returns the bind_params subroutine reference associated with this attribute, if any.


The generated method will use DBI's selectcol_arrayref() method to fetch data from the database. If called in a list context, it returns all the values it retrieves. In scalar context, it returns just the first value.


Dave Rolsky <>


This software is copyright (c) 2011 - 2015 by Dave Rolsky.

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