pssh - Perl secure shell client


pssh hostname [command]

pssh [-c idea|blowfish|des|3des]|arcfour [-i identity_file] [-l login_name] [-V] [-o option] [-p port] [-t] [-v] [-C] [-1] [-2] hostname [command]


pssh is a Perl version of the ssh command line client, based upon the Net::SSH::Perl library. It is a program for logging into a remote machine and for executing commands in a remote machine.

Given both hostname and command, executes command on the host hostname and prints out the result of that command's execution.

Given only hostname, opens a secure connection to hostname and starts up a shell on the remote machine.

This behavior should be pretty much identical to that of the standard ssh command line client. Of course pssh is missing some of the options in ssh, simply because Net::SSH::Perl doesn't support those options.

Please see the Net::SSH::Perl docs for more information.


-c idea|des|3des|blowfish|arcfour

Selects the cipher to use for session encryption. idea is the default, unless it's not supported by the server, in which case 3des is used. arcfour is only available in SSH2.

-i identity_file

Specifies the file(s) from which the private key identity is to be read for RSA authentication. The default is $ENV{HOME}/.ssh/identity in SSH1, and $ENV{HOME}/.ssh/id_dsa in SSH2. You can use multiple -i options; each key file will be tried until one works.

-l login_name

Specifies the user to log in as on the remote machine.

-o 'option'

Can be used to give additional options in the config file format, eg. "BatchMode yes".

-p port

Port to connect to on the remote host.


Force pseudo-tty allocation. You generally won't need to use this, because if you request a shell opened up by Net::SSH::Perl, this will automatically be set.

Analogous to the use_pty option to Net::SSH::Perl.


Verbose mode, in which pssh (ie. Net::SSH::Perl) prints out debugging messages about its progress. These can be quite helpful in debugging connection, authentication, and configuration issues.


Print only Net::SSH::Perl version number and exit.


Force client to use the SSH1 protocol.


Force client to use the SSH2 protocol.


Please see the Net::SSH::Perl manpage for author, copyright, and license information.