ElasticSearch::Error - Exception objects for ElasticSearch


ElasticSearch::Error is a base class for exceptions thrown by any ElasticSearch code.

There are several exception subclasses, which indicate different types of error. All of them inherit from ElasticSearch::Error, and all include:

    $error->{-text}         # error message
    $error->{-file}         # file where error was thrown
    $error->{-line}         # line where error was thrown

They may also include:

    $error->{-vars}         # Any relevant variables related to the error
    $error->{-stacktrace}   # A stacktrace, if $ElasticSearch::DEBUG == 1

Error objects can be stringified, and include all of the above information in the string output.


  • ElasticSearch::Error::Param

    An incorrect parameter was passed in

  • ElasticSearch::Error::Timeout

    The request timed out

  • ElasticSearch::Error::Connection

    There was an error connecting to the current node. The request will be retried on another node.

  • ElasticSearch::Error::NotReady

    The current node is not yet able to serve requests. The request will be retried on another node. ElasticSearch::Error::NotReady inherits from ElasticSearch::Error::Connection.

  • ElasticSearch::Error::ClusterBlocked

    The cluster was unable to process the request because it is currently blocking, eg the requested index is closed.

  • ElasticSearch::Error::Request

    There was some other error performing the request

  • ElasticSearch::Error::Conflict

    There was a versioning conflict while performing an index/create/delete operation. ElasticSearch::Error::Conflict inherits from ElasticSearch::Error::Request.

    The lastest version number is available as:

  • ElasticSearch::Error::Missing

    Tried to get/delete a document or index that doesn't exist. ElasticSearch::Error::Missing inherits from ElasticSearch::Error::Request.

  • ElasticSearch::Error::NoServers

    No servers are available

  • ElasticSearch::Error::JSON

    There was an error parsing a JSON doc

  • ElasticSearch::Error::Internal

    An internal error - you shouldn't see these


Copyright 2010 - 2011 Clinton Gormley.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

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