This is a benchmarking version of the ClearTool module demo script. It measures the time to run a single cleartool command ('pwv') using both the traditional `backtick` method and the ClearTool module. The upshot is to demonstrate that there is only a small additional cost to using the module even for a single command, while the module is much faster for multiple commands. Thus if you're writing a trigger or something which might in one code path only run cleartool once but could run it n times in other paths, this shows that it may well be worth using the module.

However, this benchmark does not include the time of loading the module; it presumes the module has already been use-d. See for a measurement including constant load times.

Here is a typical comparison:

Benchmark: timing 300 iterations of Backticks, Module... Backticks: 46 secs ( 0.07 usr 0.40 sys + 30.17 cusr 13.82 csys = 44.46 cpu) Regular: 49 secs ( 0.61 usr 0.81 sys + 32.96 cusr 13.58 csys = 47.96 cpu)