slackget10::Config - An interface to the configuration file


Version 1.0.0


This class is use to load a configuration file (config.xml) and the servers list file (servers.xml). It only encapsulate the XMLin() method of XML::Simple, there is no accessors or treatment method for this class. There is only a constructor which take only one argument : the name of the configuration file.

After loading you can acces to all values of the config file in the same way that with XML::Simple.

The only purpose of this class, is to allow other class to check that the config file have been properly loaded.

    use slackget10::Config;

    my $config = slackget10::Config->new('/etc/slack-get/config.xml') or die "cannot load config.xml\n";
    print "I will use the encoding: $config->{common}->{'file-encoding'}\n";
    print "slack-getd is configured as: $config->{daemon}->{mode}\n" ;

This module need XML::Simple to work.



The constructor take the config file name as argument.

        my $config = slackget10::Config->new('/etc/slack-get/config.xml') or die "cannot load config.xml\n";


Check for some fatal omission or error in the configuration file. Return the number of fatal errors found. Print message on the standard error output.

        my $error_count = $config->check_config ;


DUPUIS Arnaud, <>


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