slackget10::GUI::Qt::SGListViewItem - A wrapper for network operation in slack-get


Version 1.0.0


This class is anoter wrapper for slack-get. It will encapsulate all nework operation. This class can chang a lot before the release and it may be rename in slackget10::GUI::Qt::SGListViewItemConnection.

    use Qt;
    use slackget10::GUI::Qt::SGListViewItem;

    sglistview = slackget10::GUI::Qt::SGListViewItem(this,'packages_listview');


This class heritate from Qt::ListView, so you must construct the object in the Qt way :

        use Qt;
        use slackget10::GUI::Qt::SGListViewItem;
        use Qt::attributes qw(sglistview);
        sglistview = slackget10::GUI::Qt::SGListViewItem (this,'sglistview');

You might be aware that this QListView contain a hide column (number 5), which contain the package id (like aaa_base-10.0.0-noarch-1). So if you add a column with addColumn(), the first column id you can use will be the 6th.



Take a slackget10::Package and a Qt::ListViewItem as arguments and add it to the QListView.

        my $item = sg_listview->add_package($package,$item_above) ;

This method return the new Qt::ListViewItem build in the process and update the ListView. $item will be place immediatly after $item_above (but it is possible that this order will be perturbate when the ListView will be sort). This is highly recommended to give a valid item. If $item_above is undefined the new item will be place at the end of the ListView (out of the tree).

In most you can call this method like that :

        my $item = sg_listview->add_package($package,$a_root_item->firstChild);

IMPORTANT: $package must be a part of a slackget10::PackageList (for later operation like download, etc.)


Accessor to get/set the package status.



DUPUIS Arnaud, <>


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Copyright 2005 DUPUIS Arnaud, All Rights Reserved.

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