slackget10::Network::Connection::HTTP - This class encapsulate LWP::Simple


Version 1.0.0


This class encapsulate LWP::Simple, and provide some methods for the treatment of HTTP requests.

You can't use this class without the slackget10::Network::Connection one.

This class need the following extra CPAN modules :

        - LWP::Simple
        - Time::HiRes

    use slackget10::Network::Connection::HTTP;

    my $foo = slackget10::Network::Connection::HTTP->new();

This module require the following modules from CPAN : LWP::Simple, Time::HiRes.



This class is not designed to be instanciate alone or used alone. You have to use the slackget10::Network::Connection.



This method test the rapidity of the mirror, by timing a head request on the FILELIST.TXT file.

        my $time = $self->test_server() ;


Download and return a given file.

        my $file = $connection->get_file('PACKAGES.TXT') ;


Download and store a given file.

        $connection->fetch_file() ; # download the file $connection->file and store it at $config->{common}->{'update-directory'}/$connection->file, this way is not recommended
        $connection->fetch_file($remote_file) ; # download the file $remote_file and store it at $config->{common}->{'update-directory'}/$connection->file, this way is not recommended
        $connection->fetch_file('PACKAGES.TXT',"$config->{common}->{'update-directory'}/".$current_specialfilecontainer_object->id."/PACKAGES.TXT") ; # This is the recommended way.
        # This is equivalent to : $connection->fetch_file($remote_file,$local_file) ;

This method return a slackget10::Status object with the following object declaration :

        my $status =  slackget10::Status->new(codes => {
                0 => "All goes well. Server said:\n\t$ret_code - ".status_message( $ret_code )."\n",
                1 => "Server error, you must choose the next host for this server. Server said:\n\t$ret_code - ".status_message( $ret_code )."\n",
                2 => "Client error, it seems that you have a problem with you connection or with the slackget10 library (or with a library which we depended on). Server said:\n\t$ret_code - ".status_message( $ret_code )."\n",
                3 => "Server has redirected us, we prefer direct connection, change host for this server. Server said:\n\t$ret_code - ".status_message( $ret_code )."\n",
                4 => "The HTTP connection is not a success and we are not able to know what, we recommend to change the current host of this server. Server said:\n\t$ret_code - ".status_message( $ret_code )."\n"

This is the direct code of this method :)


This method fetch all files declare in the "files" parameter of the constructor.

        $connection->fetch_all or die "Unable to fetch all files\n";

This method save all files in the $config->{common}->{'update-directory'} directory (so you have to manage yourself the files deletion/replacement problems)


DUPUIS Arnaud, <>


Please report any bugs or feature requests to, or through the web interface at I will be notified, and then you'll automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.



Copyright 2005 DUPUIS Arnaud, All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.