slackget10::PackageList - This class is a container of slackget10::Package object


Version 1.0.0


This class is a container of slackget10::Package object, and allow you to perform some operations on this packages list. As the Package class, it is a slack-get's internal representation of data.

    use slackget10::PackageList;

    my $packagelist = slackget10::PackageList->new();
    my $package = $packagelist->Shift();



This class constructor don't take any parameters to works properly, but you can eventually disable the root tag <packagelist> by using 'no-root-tag' => 1, and modify the default encoding (utf8) by passing an 'encoding' => <your encoding> parameter.

        my $PackageList = new slackget10::PackageList ();
        my $PackageList = new slackget10::PackageList ('no-root-tag' => 1);


This class inheritate from slackget10::List (slackget10::List), so you may want read the slackget10::List documentation for the supported methods of this class.


Fill the slackget10::PackageList from the XML data passed as argument.

                '<choice action="installpkg">
                        <package id="gcc-objc-3.3.4-i486-1">
                                <date hour="12:32:00" day-number="12" month-number="06" year="2004" />
                                <description>gcc-objc (Objective-C support for GCC)
                                        Objective-C support for the GNU Compiler Collection.
                                        This package contains those parts of the compiler collection needed to
                                compile code written in Objective-C.  Objective-C was originally
                                developed to add object-oriented extensions to the C language, and is
                                best known as the native language of the NeXT computer.
                        <package id="gcc-objc-3.4.3-i486-1">
                                <date hour="18:24:00" day-number="21" month-number="12" year="2004" />


Apply the Perl built-in function sort() on the PackageList. This method return nothing.

        $list->Sort() ;


Create an index on the PackageList. This index don't take many memory but speed a lot search, especially when you already have the package id !

The index is build with the Package ID.


Return a package, as well as Get() do but use the index to return it quickly. You must provide a package ID to this method.

        my $pkg = $list->get_indexed($qlistviewitem->text(5)) ;


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