Paul Winkeler

NAME - Volume attribute analysis tool

SYNOPSIS [-c] [-pgr] [-lsU] [-fF] [-aA] [-e error-threshold] [-m mount-threshold]


For each volume label provided on standard input, subject to numerous options, the following information is printed on STDOUT:

volume label
mount count
volume pool only if -p is set
volume group only if -g is set
error count (if non-zero)

The error count assigned to a volume is simply read from the file /usr/local/etc/media-errors.csv; it is up to the local system administrators to gather the output of the tool from each media server and concatenate the data-sets into the above mentioned file.

suspended or frozen status
robot number if the volume is currently in a robot

The following information only applies to volumes that are currently in use:

expiration status
retention level only if -r is set



Winkeler, Paul


Copyright (C) 2002 Paul Winkeler