sqitch-revert - Revert changes to a database


  sqitch [options] revert
  sqitch [options] revert <target>
  sqitch [options] revert --to-target <target>


Revert changes to the database. Starting from the current deployment state, changes will be reverted in reverse the order of application. All changes will be reverted unless a target is specified, either via --to or with no option flag, in which case changes will be reverted back to that target.

If the database has not been deployed to, or its state already matches the specified target, no changes will be made. If the target appears later in the plan than the currently-deployed state, an error will be returned, along with a suggestion to instead use sqitch-deploy.



Specify the reversion target. Defaults to reverting all changes.

Configuration Variables


Target to revert to. You probably don't want to set this.


Part of the sqitch suite.