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Lintallchecks -- Uses MARC::Lint, MARC::Lintadditions, and MARC::Errorchecks to look for MARC21, AACR2/LCRI coding problems in a file of MARC21 records.


Lint test program prompts for input file of MARC records. Compares the records against coding definitions in Lint module. Also checks against added checks in MARC::Lintadditions. Also checks for errors in multiple fields (vs. individual fields covered by Lint/Lintadditions. Writes out one file: lintwarnings.txt (reported warnings and associated control numbers and titles, tab separation) Differs from (lintcheck.txt) by not outputting raw MARC. Differs from by outputting only one file (vs. separate warnings and control no files), and in checking additional conditions given in Differs from in that it incorporates checks which cross multiple fields (such as validation of 008, which requires access to the leader). This code is based on Example V3 of the MARC::Doc::Tutorial, and incorporates code from the following (available on my Web site):

It uses the MARC::Errorchecks module for checking code not covered in MARC::Lint or MARC::Lintadditions.


MARC::Record MARC::Lintadditions MARC::Errorchecks MARC::BBMARC (for interface--timing code)


Improve interface, particularly file name input.

For users of this script: Modify section on which errors not to report.


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Bryan Baldus

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