NexTrieve::UTF8 - change encoding to UTF-8


 use NexTrieve;
 $ntv = NexTrieve->new( | {method => value} );
 $xml = $ntv->recode( $to,$xml,$from );


The UTF8 package of the Perl support for NexTrieve. Does not create an object but is accessed indirectly through the "recode" method of


This is only a support package: hence there is no object and hence there are no methods to call.


The following subroutines are available from this package for performing conversions to UTF-8. Each of these subroutines do an in-place conversion of the input parameter, e.g. NexTrieve::UTF8::iso88591( $xml );. If any characters are found that are illegal for the encoding, they will be replaced by spaces.

 ucs2be convert from ucs-2be to UTF-8
 ucs2le convert from ucs-2le to UTF-8
 ucs4be convert from ucs-4be to UTF-8
 ucs4le convert from ucs-4le to UTF-8
 iso88591       convert from iso-8859-1 to UTF-8
 iso885910      convert from iso-8859-10 to UTF-8
 iso885913      convert from iso-8859-13 to UTF-8
 iso885914      convert from iso-8859-14 to UTF-8
 iso885915      convert from iso-8859-15 to UTF-8
 iso885916      convert from iso-8859-16 to UTF-8
 iso88592       convert from iso-8859-2 to UTF-8
 iso88593       convert from iso-8859-3 to UTF-8
 iso88594       convert from iso-8859-4 to UTF-8
 iso88595       convert from iso-8859-5 to UTF-8
 iso88596       convert from iso-8859-6 to UTF-8
 iso88597       convert from iso-8859-7 to UTF-8
 iso88598       convert from iso-8859-8 to UTF-8
 iso88599       convert from iso-8859-9 to UTF-8
 windows1250    convert from windows-1250 to UTF-8
 windows1251    convert from windows-1251 to UTF-8
 windows1252    convert from windows-1252 to UTF-8
 windows1253    convert from windows-1253 to UTF-8
 windows1254    convert from windows-1254 to UTF-8
 windows1255    convert from windows-1255 to UTF-8
 windows1256    convert from windows-1256 to UTF-8
 windows1257    convert from windows-1257 to UTF-8
 windows1258    convert from windows-1258 to UTF-8
 windows874     convert from windows-874 to UTF-8
 xmacroman      convert from x-mac-roman to UTF-8


The following subroutines are available from this packages for removing characters that are illegal in the indicated encoding. Each of these subroutines do an in-place conversion of the input parameter, e.g. NexTrieve::UTF8::iso88593( $xml ).

 illegal_iso88593       remove characters illegal for iso-8859-3
 illegal_iso88596       remove characters illegal for iso-8859-6
 illegal_iso88597       remove characters illegal for iso-8859-7
 illegal_iso88598       remove characters illegal for iso-8859-8
 illegal_windows1250    remove characters illegal for windows-1250
 illegal_windows1251    remove characters illegal for windows-1251
 illegal_windows1252    remove characters illegal for windows-1252
 illegal_windows1253    remove characters illegal for windows-1253
 illegal_windows1254    remove characters illegal for windows-1254
 illegal_windows1255    remove characters illegal for windows-1255
 illegal_windows1257    remove characters illegal for windows-1257
 illegal_windows1258    remove characters illegal for windows-1258
 illegal_windows874     remove characters illegal for windows-874

Please note that in some encodings there are no characters that are considered to be illegal (such as iso-8859-1). In that case, the subroutine still exists but does not perform any operation.


Elizabeth Mattijsen, <>.

Please report bugs to <>.


NexTrieve is no longer being supported.


Copyright (c) 1995-2003 Elizabeth Mattijsen <>. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


The and the other NexTrieve::xxx modules.