For more information, see the documentation for those modules. Forthcoming releases will include Locale::Object::Language and Locale::Object::Timezone.


The database of currency information is not perfect by a long stretch. If you find mistakes or missing information, please send them to the author.


Earle Martin <>



Original concept: Pierre Denis (PDENIS). I had much useful assistance from Pierre, Tom Insam (TOMI) - who contributed to my knowledge of DBI - and James Duncan (JDUNCAN). Most of the OO concepts involved I learnt from Damian Conway (DCONWAY)'s excellent book "Object Oriented Perl" (ISBN 1-884777-79-1).


Copyright 2003 Fotango Ltd. All rights reserved.

This module is released under the same license as Perl itself, and is provided on an "as is" basis. The author and Fotango Ltd make no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, as to the accuracy and/or utility of any results obtained from its use. However, if you do find something wrong with the results, please let the author know. Thanks.


Locale::Codes, for simple conversions between names and ISO codes.

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