WebService::Belkin::Wemo::Device - Device class for controlling Wemo Switches =head1 SYNOPSIS

Sample Usage:

my $wemo = WebService::Belkin::WeMo::Device->new(ip => '', db => '/tmp/belkin.db');


my $wemo = WebService::Belkin::WeMo::Device->new(name => 'Desk Lamp', db => '/tmp/belkin.db');

print "Name = " . $wemo->getFriendlyName() . "\n"; print "On/Off = " . $wemo->isSwitchOn() . "\n";

print "Turning off...\n"; $wemo->off();

print "Turning on...\n"; $wemo->on();


The Belkin WeMo Switch lets you turn electronic devices on or off from anywhere inside--or outside--your home. The WeMo Switch uses your existing home Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of TVs, lamps, stereos, and more. This library allows basic control of the switches (turning on/off and getting device info) through UPNP


    * getFriendlyName - Get the name of the switch
    * isSwitchOn - Returns true (1) or false (0)
    * on - Turn switch on
    * off - Turn switch off
    * toggle - Toggle switch on/off


Eric Blue <> -


Copyright (c) 2013 Eric Blue. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.