burst - Bursts from a central location




Creates a Burst of various sizes from the center of the currently selected areas. Can create either an elliptical burst, or some portion of said burst. Also, you can specify how much (in pixels) to leave blank on the inside and the outside of the burst. This uses whatever the current brush settings are, and lets you control which direction to have it draw the fades from if you have Fade set


 [PF_RADIO, "shape", "Shape To Burst Into", 0,  [Rectangle => 1, Ellipse=> 0]],
 [PF_RADIO, "fade_dir", "Fade Direction (if fade is set)", 0,  [In => 1, Out => 0]],
 [PF_VALUE, 'spokes', "How many spokes", 16],
 [PF_VALUE, 'inside_pixels', "Inside Pixels", 10],
 [PF_VALUE, 'outside_pixels', "Outside Pixels", 10],
 [PF_SPINNER, 'start_angle', "Angle to start at, with 0 being left, and sweeping counter-clockwise.", 0, [-360, 360, 1]],
 [PF_SPINNER, 'arc_angle', "How many degrees to arc through.", 360, [-360, 360, 1]]




Seth Burgess




This script was requested by jimmac, and I thought it sounded moderately useful. I could have just made a couple selection masks and made it moderately useful, but instead I redid all the math myself to make it interesting and have a really nice effect on the end points (rather than chopping off odd-shaped brushes when the ellipse ends).

Its good to exercise the ol geometry skills every now and then ;) Enjoy, Seth Burgess <>

Revision 03/18/2000 Changed second angle to be a sweep measurement, not an absolute angle (I found that I was calculating a lot more by hand than I should be when using it)

Also fixed up a bug that I'd covered up, and did a decent for loop for a change. Fixed up rectangle to not mess up on corner areas.

Lastly, I added a special case for 360 degrees - don't redraw the last line for a full circle; instead re-adjust end point. I'm not entirely happy with this solution, but its close to what I expect to happen. I don't desire to litter the interface with more strange options if possible and I suspect most users will never notice.

Revision 08/10/2003 Changed PF_SLIDER to PF_SPINNER, since they're a whole lot nicer to work with this type of operation - getting it "close" is pretty annoying with sliders.


Seth Burgess <>

Distributed under the same terms as Gimp-Perl.