file_dataurl_save - Saves the image as many small tiles using data:-urls


<Save>/HTML with many small tiles using data:-urls/html


Saves the image as many small tiles using data:-urls.


 [PF_SPINNER, "tile_x", "Tile width", 32, [0, 8192, 1, 10]],
 [PF_SPINNER, "tile_y", "Tile height", 32, [0, 8192, 1, 10]],
 [PF_RADIO, "filetype", "Underlying file type", 0,
    [GIF => 0, JFIF => 1, PNG => 2]],




After reading rfc2397, which describes the data: url scheme, I got the idea of embedding a normal image into a html document, without resorting to external files.

This is accomplished by embedding small tiles of the image directly into data:-urls. Since attribute values are by default limited to 1024 bytes this limits the size of a tile to approximately 34x34 pixels (gif compression).

However, since rfc2397 is only a proposed standard, you might want to use much larger tile sizes (upto the image size), since most browsers generally do not care for the url length.

Browser compatibility list:

  Firefox 24.4.0 works


  <schmorp> yosh:
  <yosh> I mean which "removed debugging crap" one
  <schmorp> yosh: or did you mean the debugging code in the Perl-Server?
  <yosh> yah
  <yosh> debian's perl whines about using -D since it's not compiled with -DDEBUGGING
  <schmorp> yosh: ah.. I it was ebing queried..
  <schmorp> yosh: yeah, but you did not see the <STDIN> that required people to press enter in colorhtml ;)
  <schmorp> anybody here with netscape 3.0? or msie 5.0? or any other graphical browser?
  <yosh> schmorp: it was in innerbevel, you must've fixed colorhtml before I had a chance to update
  <maswan> schmorp: ns3.0 here
  <schmorp> maswan: could you try something out? ->
  <schmorp> maswan: what do you see, especially below "dataurl filter"
  <schmorp> yosh: at least ;->
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  <maswan> schmorp: slooow....
  <Stric> schmorp, evil thingie.. I'm loading it in win98/ie on a p60 8)
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  <schmorp> that html page contains no external links, i.e. all images are embedded
  <schmorp> and yes, the colour-changing is bogging down most browsers
  <schmorp> i want to find out how many browsers support the data: url
  <Stric> I get a gazillion of [x] broken image thingies at the bottom half
  <maswan> schmorp: embedded? I got _lots_ of broken external images on the bottom half
  <schmorp> stric: which browser?
  <Stric> schmorp, win98/ie (4? 5?)
  <schmorp> maswan: ok, so ns3.0 does not support it
  <schmorp> stric: i don't know how to find out ;9
  <Stric> schmorp, 5 appearantly...
  <schmorp> ok... ns3.0 and msie5 show broken image icons.
  <schmorp> msie displays one dialog box per link (evil)
  <schmorp> lynx errornously displays the base64 data
  <yosh> haha
  <schmorp> so only netscape 4 displays it correctly
  <yosh> that is too evil
  <yosh> tried mozilla?
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  <schmorp> yosh: mozilla does not run, did not run and will probably never run
  <schmorp> yosh: everytime I come here and somebody talks about mozilla he says "well, it is quite cool"
  <schmorp> yosh: everytime _I_ try it ends in an endless loop after 5 seconds or so
  <yosh> heh
  <Stric> you must be broken then
  <schmorp> yosh: but I guess mozilla will do it as well
  <yosh> schmorp: I get broken images with NS 4.7
  <schmorp> yosh: really? thats cool... it works with ns 4.06 (here) and ns 4.6 (my friend)
  <schmorp> yosh: on linux?
  <yosh> yes
  <schmorp> yosh: i wonder why they removed support for it..
  <sjburges> I get broken stuff with 4.51
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  <yosh> hey Tommer
  <Tommer> Works for me on NS 4.71 on LinuxPPC
  <Tommer> Hullo yosh
  <schmorp> tommer: really?
  <Tommer> dataurl is very cute, schmorp
  <Tommer> Yup
  * yosh tries mozilla
  <schmorp> something must be broken... 4.06 yes, 4.51 no, 4.6 yes, 4.7 no, 4.71 yes...
  <schmorp> I see a pattern...
  <Tommer> Oh, you mean the ($ver*100)%2 == (dataurl works) relation?
  <Tommer> Oh wait, 4.6 doesn't match that.
  * maswan tries ns4.61 on aix
  <schmorp> oh, that 4.6 is probably measurement error
  <Tommer> schmorp, for the next trick, do <frameset> <frame src=dataurl:> <frame src=dataurl:> </frameset> :)
  <yosh> haha
  <schmorp> hmm... it works with 4.51 here....
  <maswan> eeek.
  <Tommer> how about <body background="dataurl:...">
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  <schmorp> tommer: hmm... now that would be cool... it would not even need base64 encoding, and would probably work even with lynx
  <maswan> this one is sloow for some reason.
  <tc> hmm
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  <Tommer> schmorp: yes, as long as you used &quot; everywhere you'd be fine :)
  <schmorp> maswan: "aix"....
  <tc> could it be that clinton only knows of the internet from al gore?
  <Stric> schmorp, low mhz combined with netscape on 24bpp
  <maswan> hmm.. or ssh. oops. :)
  <tc> "reduce the gap between rich and poor by giving everyone internet access"
  <Tommer> Does anyone have red+blue 3D glasses handy?
  <tc> yay clinton. you da man
  <maswan> schmorp: works on this one
  <schmorp> stric: but since netscaope can't display colour icons in 24bpp it should be much faster ;->
  <schmorp> maswan: thanks ;)
  <Stric> schmorp, I haven't had that problem on non-linux
  <maswan> hmm.. it is estimating speed at 2k/s
  <schmorp> tommer: the problem is that urls are max. 1k in size
  <Stric> schmorp, I correct that to aix/irix/solaris
  <schmorp> tommer: but on the browsers that support it, dataurls can be much longer
  <maswan> which means much time for that file
  <Tommer> schmorp: can't you specify encoding=base64 _and_ encoding=gzip?
  <yosh> hum, mozilla sucks ;)
  <schmorp> tommer: i can't specify an encoding per se. if, then it must be a netscape extension
  <schmorp> tommer: maybe image/gzip-jpg or something....
  <Tommer> schmorp: oh, so you can only specify a content type, not an encoding? I was guessing about the encoding thing.
  * maswan tries irix netscape 4.something
  <maswan> 4.61 here too
  <schmorp> tommer: the base64 is specified as ";base64", so it is somethign special
  <schmorp> tommer: but since I can specify charset=xxx, maybe I can also add encoding=gzip...
  <maswan> works that too
  <schmorp> tommer: BUT... if I can use gzip, then I cna use long urls. Then I can use png, and then i don't need gzip
  <Tommer> schmorp: just think, you could put a whole site in one page with framesets and dataurl :)
  <schmorp> yosh: mozilla sucks, yes, but does it display it?
  <Tommer> How are gzip and long urls related, schmorp?
  <yosh> schmorp: it segfaults
  <yosh> ;)
  <schmorp> tommer: hmm... I'm thinking images only...
  <schmorp> tommer: if you think text then encoding=gzip makes sense
  <schmorp> tommer: I also haven'T tried wether these urls work in frameset and normal anchor elements
  <schmorp> but actually, the colorhtml filter is much more portable
  <yosh> yeah, it just takes aching long to render and scroll
  <Tommer> schmorp: how about <img lowsrc="data:image/gif;base64, ... " src="/images/foo.gif"> ?
  <schmorp> yes... maybe when this type of encapsulation becomes more often used... at least
  <schmorp> we can claim that msie is not rfc2397 compatible
  <ole_zzz> xachbot, seen dv
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  <Stric> schmorp, and who will care? 8)
  <schmorp> tommer: that might even be a useful usage!!
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  <JohnP> Hey!
  <Tommer> schmorp: but lowsrc is an evil Netscape invention :)
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  <Stric> tigpoo
  <JohnP> tigert!
  <Tommer> schmorp: <img lowsrc="data:image/xbm;base64, ... " src="/images/foo.gif">
  <schmorp> tommer: does the lowsrc image have to have the same size/resolution?
  <Tommer> Hmm, does <img src="internal-gopher-menu"> and such work?
  <maswan> hmm.. sleep. now.
  <Tommer> schmorp: lowsrc _should_ have the same size/resolution. if you specify width and height then the lowsrc will be resized of course.
  <schmorp> tommer: .... and since it's netscaoe only we do not need to care
  <Tommer> schmorp: yes, if you're abusing HTML you may as well go whole hog.
  <schmorp> tommer: hey, it's a "proposed standard" ;)
  <yosh> heh
  <Tommer> A nice thing about NS on the Mac is that if you shrink a mono image then it renders it antialiased :)
  Tommer> Pull out your red+blue 3D glasses and go to:
  <schmorp> yosh: rfc2397 "data: url scheme"
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  <schmorp> tommer: looks flashy (no 3d cam here ;)
  <schmorp> ok, bye all!
  <Tommer> ttyl schmorp
  <schmorp> sjburges: have a nice time with your new g/f!
  <yosh> interesting
  <Tommer> schmorp: you need 3D glasses
  <yosh> ok, food
  *** yosh [manish@graft.XCF.Berkeley.EDU] is now known as yosh_food
  <schmorp> tommer: if you do some weird things with urls, drop me a note ;->
  <schmorp> tommer: ah, yes, _glasses_ i meant


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