gallerymaker - Generate your gallery in HTML format + some picture improvements


<Image>/File/Create/_HTML Gallery


Generates an HTML file from all pictures it finds in a designed path. A thumbnail is generated from each picture with a desired global scale or X or Y fixed...This tool will hopefully help batch conversions from photo albums for instance as you can add copyright notice on source picture but also adjust brightness/contrast or give polar rotations.

Convention used here is the following : All pictures converted is c<name>. Relative thumbnail is m<name>.

Note : This plugin only processes JPG pictures.


  [PF_FILE,   "path", "Gallery source directory"],
  [PF_STRING, "label", "Text at top of each picture"],
  [PF_COLOR,  "labelcolor", "Color of label on each picture", [255,255,255]],
  [PF_RADIO,  "labelpos", "Position of text label", 0, [ UpLeft => 0, UpRight => 1, DownLeft => 2, DownRight => 3 ]],
  [PF_FONT,   "font", "Select font", 'Arial', ],
  [PF_SLIDER, "bright", "Brightness correction", 0, [ -127, 127]],
  [PF_SLIDER, "contrast", "Contrast correction", 0, [-127,127]],
  [PF_RADIO,  "rotate", "Rotation angle", -1, [ None => -1, Rotate90CCW => 2, Rotate90 => 0]],
  [PF_RADIO,  "scalefix", "Scale fixing for thumbnails", 1 ,[ both_by_factor => 0, X => 1, Y => 2 ]],
  [PF_INT32,  "fixed", "Value or factor", 150],
  [PF_STRING, "gallerytitle", "Gallery output directory", "MyGallery" ],
  [PF_COLOR,  "color", "Gallery background color", [100,100,100]],
  [PF_COLOR,  "foregroundcolor","Gallery foreground color", [255,255,255]],
  [PF_STRING, "galleryfile", "HTML file generated (.html will be added)", "index" ],
  [PF_INT32,  "columns", "Gallery columns number", 5],
  [PF_STRING, "parent_url", "Gallery's parent URL", ".." ]


Fabian Frederick <>




 2004-03-28 (Dov)
       - Fixed for Gimp-2.0

 17/07/2001 (Fab)
        -Adding Html instance per picture + Header
        -Adding URL

 07/07/2001 (Darkin)
        -Item was unreachable from menu because of RGB requesite -> undef.

 17/6/2001 (Fab)
        -Adding global progression bar
        -Preserving Gimp cache (progressive image_delete)
        -Adding trailing / to path
        -Plugin crashed when no label was given
 25/5/2001 (Fab)
 V1.2 -Bug in rotation parameter : OK
        -Adding color for label(Parasite editor helped here :) ).
        -Register as gallery_maker
        -Adding corner selection for copyright using layer_translate
        -Recovering colors for HTML (Thanks Marc).

 18/19/5/2001 (Fab)
 V1.01 -Moving plug-in to Toolbox/Render menu
        -Added some error-handling
        -Automatically put html file in gallery path
        -Added some features to HTML generated
        -Simplified I/O
        -Status supply
        -Source is not overwritten anymore .... c$name applied.
        -Working in sub-path (using gallery title)
        -HTML file not deployed in /tmp (directly in dpath)
 10-13/5/2001 (Fab)
 V1.0   First workable version.


Copyright Fabian Frederick. This plugin may be distributed under the same terms as GIMP itself.