glowing_steel - Logo plugin for GIMP


  <Image>/File/Create/Logos/Glowing Steel
  <Image>/Filters/Render/Brushed Metal
  <Image>/Filters/Render/Highlight Edges
  <Image>/Filters/Render/Add Glow


Produce logos and other such nifty things which appear to be made of steel and floating over a glowing cloud. This plug-in also includes several filters for performing the various stages of this logo (i.e. brushed steel, add glow, highlight edges).

This plugin renders the given text in the given font and size in a logo style that combines the Brushed Metal effect with the Highlight Edges and Add Glow effects. The text is surfaced with brushed metal, and highlighted, and the glow is added in the background.

This plug-in also includes the effects listed above as separate tools which may be used independent of creating a logo. These tools are:

Brushed Metal

Takes length of brush strokes and angle, and renders a brushed metal surface into the target drawable.

PDB call:

  perl_fu_brushed_metal(image, drawable, length, angle)

length must be greater than 1.

Highlight Edges

Takes a number of pixels and adds a black/white highlight to the drawable. Target drawable must be an alpha layer.

PDB call:

  perl_fu_highlight_edges(image, drawable, pixels)
Add Glow

Takes a color and radius, and renders a fuzzy glow in the given color, out to the given radius behind the target drawable. This is added as a new layer, and the target drawable must be an alpha layer.

PDB call:

  perl_fu_add_glow(image, drawable, color, radius)


The following parameters can be set by the user (or caller) of glowing_steel:


The string to display


The Font to render the string in.


The size to use for the font.

Glow Color

The color to use for the background glow.

Background Color

The color to use for the background layer.

Glow Radius

The radius in pixels that the glow should emanate from the edge of the text.

Highlight Edges

This toggle tells glowing_steel if it should (true) or should not (false) add one-pixel black/white edge highlighting. Default is to add the highlighting.


This toggle will turn on (true) or off (false) font antialiasing. This should only be used if you find that this plugin crashes because the font you chose could not be antialiased (the gimp will display an error suggesting that you turn off antialiasing).

PDB call:

  my $image = perl_fu_glowing_metal( string, font, size, glow_color,
        back_color, glow_radius, highlight, antialias)


Aaron Sherman <>


Version 1.0a released 1999-06-14


Written in 1999 (c) by Aaron Sherman <>.

This plugin may be distributed under the same terms as Gimp itself.