perlotine - Guillotine implemented in perl, with html output




Add guides to an image. Then run this. It will cut along the guides, and give you the html to reassemble the resulting images.


  [PF_FILE, "savepath", "The path to export the HTML to",$ENV{HOME}],
  [PF_STRING, "htmlname", "Filename to export","perlotine.html"],
  [PF_STRING, "imgbasename", "What to call the images","perlotine"],
  [PF_RADIO,  "extension", "The format of the images: (gif, jpg, png)", "gif", [gif => "gif", jpg => "jpg", png => "png"]],
  [PF_TOGGLE, "separate", "Use a separate directory for images",0],
  [PF_STRING, "imgpath", "The path to export the images to, relative to the Save Path", "images/"],
  [PF_TOGGLE, "capitalize_tags", "Capitalize HTML tags", 0],
  [PF_SPINNER, "cellspacing", "Add space between the table elements", 0, [0,15,1]],




  This is tigert's request.  I suppose it'll be useful to those that do
  this sort of thing.  Personally I'll probably only run it to test and
  put up a demo image.

  Since updated a couple times by others, and intgrated by me:

  Bruce Miller                              (fixed to accomdate 1.1.x changes)
  Brendon and Wendy Humphrey <> (progress bar, nice comments)

  Tuomas Kuosmanen <>
  Fixed some things to make this work with cvs gimp. Fixed calls to
  gimp_get_guide_orientation() (guide types that changed from
  GUIDE_VERTICAL to VERTICAL and horizontal, respectively.  Should
  work now). Also convert to indexed parameters changed, fixed them too.

  Added changes to make progess bar work for images with only horizontal
  or vertical guides.  This was fixed at one time, I forget who did that.
  Somehow it got broke again ;(

  Added File::Path; for making the directory if it doesn't already exist.

  12/13/03: fixed tigert's fix to use ORIENTATION_VERTICAL rather
            than VERTICAL

  If you have more additions, etc please don't hesitate to send them in!


Seth Burgess <>




Distributed under the same terms as Gimp-Perl.