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Class::MakeMethods::Changes - Revision history for Class::MakeMethods


Revision history for Class::MakeMethods:

v1.0.14 - 2001/06/25, 2001/06/29, 2001/07/01

Removed Makefile rule from Makefile.PL to avoid warnings when used with recent versions of ExtUtils::MakeMaker, which also define a similar rule. (Based on bug report from Ron Savage.)

Fixed test failure for machines with P5.6 but no Attribute::Handlers. (Reported by Ron Savage, Jay Lawrence.)

Added Template::Flyweight:string_index. (But still needs test script.)

Added Standard::Universal. (But still needs test scripts.)

Minor touch-ups to ReadMe and Guide documentation.

v1.0.13 - 2001/05/16, 2001/05/18, 2001/05/20, 2001/06/02, 2001/06/22, 2001/06/24

Renamed module to Class::MakeMethods.

Standardized syntax for global options; renamed -implementation to -MakerClass and -target_class to -TargetClass. Moved $TargetClass and other context information into %CONTEXT with _context accessor. Added ForceInstall.

Completed re-simplification of build directories; we're back to a single Makefile, which avoids a warning in P5.6.0.

Added Attribute interface for use with P5.6 and later, based on Attribute::Handlers.

Renamed "Simple" subclasses to "Basic". Added documentation and initial tests.

Added Standard subclasses with parameter parsing and more powerful accessors.

Modified Emulator::Struct to use Standard::* methods. Found struct test from P5.7, and added auto_init functionality to match.

Added Composite::* subclasses.

Added Emulator::AccessorFast.

Added Class::MakeMethods::Guide with introduction and examples.

Continued clean-up effort on Template documentation. Renamed Template "attributes" to "method parameters" to avoid confusion with Perl attributes. Retitled Template naming rules from "templates" to "interfaces".

Changed initialization code expressions of Template::Class in hopes of P5.6.1 compatibility. (Problem reported by M Schwern.)

Added 'Template::Generic:new --and_then_init' based on feedback from Jay Lawrence.

v1.0.12 - 2001/05/14

Renamed module to Class::MethodGenerator, although naming questions remain.

Moved Template subclasses into Template::* namespace. Simplified build directory and makefile structure.

Changed initialization code expressions of Template::PackageVar, ClassVar for P5.6.0 compatibility. (Reported by M Schwern.)

v1.0.11 - 2001/05/07, 2001/05/12

Eliminated Bundle file. Moved general documentation to cm_base.

Renamed Class::Methods::Base to Class::Methods::Generator.

Extracted code for Template declarations to new Class::Methods::Template module. Extracted disk-caching to new Template::DiskCache module. Moved TextBuilder into the Template:: tree.

Moved _namespace_capture code to new package Class::Methods::Emulator::TakeName.

Added Simple::Hash subclass.

v1.0.10 - 2001/04/26, 2001/05/02, 2001/05/04

Moved _namespace_capture and _namespace_release to Class::Methods::Base.

Additional doc tweakage. Moved ReadMe documentation to Bundle::ClassMethods. Merged Extending documentation into Base.

Removed spurious uses of -default => 'default' in templates.

Added new ClassInherit subclass and Emulator::Inheritable.

Expunged Index subclass in favor of boolean_index and string_index types on Generic.

Moved Struct:builtin_isa type to new package, StructBuiltin.

Refactored code templating function as Class::Methods::Base::TextBuilder.

v1.0.9 - 2001/03/24

Reversed sense of - and --, as it was in 1.0.1.

Separated source files into separate directories with distinct Makefiles and test hierarchies. This should clarify the boundaries between the core method-generation code, the common constructor/accessor methods, and the various emulator and experimental packages.

v1.0.8 - 2001/01/19

Following receipt of a suggestion to fork from the maintainer of Class::MethodMaker, renamed packge from Class::MethodMaker v2.0 to Class::Methods v1.0.

Adjusted documentation to reflect fork, although additional cleanup is still needed.

Moved backward compatibility to Emulator::MethodMaker subclass.

Added Generic -compatibility array index_* and hash_of_arrays *_last and *_set methods to match changes in Class::MethodMaker v1.02. Added Emulator::MethodMaker support for the '-static' flag. The emulator now completely satisfies the enclosed test suites, from Class::MethodMaker v0.92 and v1.02.

v1.0.7 - 2001/01/05, 2001/01/06, 2001/01/07

Moved core code and internal code to now contains only some require statements and the general user guide documentation.

Moved ReadMe.pod, Changes.pod, and ToDo.pod into MethodMaker directory. Separated Catalog.pod, Extending.pod, RelatedModules.pod.

Included version 1 docs as Class::Methods::OriginalDocs; minor revisions for clarity.

Renamed Package subclass to PackageVar, Class to ClassVar.

Added Emulation::Struct subclass.

Added support for shifting targets with make( -target_class => Package, ... ).

Extended ClassName subclass to handle requiring, rather than creating subclases.

v1.0.6 - 2000/12/29, 2001/01/02, 2001/01/04

Restored -sugar import option for compatibility with earlier versions.

Added plural names to "Generic:hash -compatibility" to support v0.92 usage.

Replaced use of substr(..., 0, 1) with ... =~ s/^-// for P5.004 compatibility; problem found by Scott Godin.

Copy @_ before splicing and pushing on to it for P5.004 compatibility.

Expunged duplicate lines from's array_of_objects; found by Ron Savage.

Renamed's delete and exists behaviors to avoid possible run-time import conflict with's behaviors; failure reported by Ron Savage.

Added _STATIC_ATTR_{return_value_undefined} attributes to Generic string and number to allow overrides of this functionality.

Minor doc touchups and expanded examples section.

v1.0.5 - 2000/11/28, 2000/12/16, 2000/12/28

Added Universal -warn_calls modifier.

Folded various pod files together into main module's inline documentation. Updated catalog of existing implementations in documentation. Added pointers to some tutorials and books which discuss Class::Methods.

Standardized naming of test scripts.

Can now specify default template name, via -default=>"foo".

v1.0.4 - 2000/11/22

Separated string, number, and boolean from the Generic scalar methods.

Provide _disk_cache to shortcut the lengthy _interpret_text_builder process.

Fixes to ClassName implementation.

Change to forward methods to provide better error messages when object is empty.

v1.0.3 - 2000/11/03

Rearranged documentation into separate files in the pod/ directory.

Collapsed find_target_class and make functionality into import; moved support for the old functions to the Compatibility module.

Adjusted tests to generally use standard syntax, and not Compatibility hooks.

v1.0.2.1 - 2000/10/23

Moved commonly-accessible information to Universal.

Added block{...} replacement for enhanced behavior templating.

Added modifier mechanism to support -private and -protected.

May need to be able to specify import ordering so that modifiers are applied in the right order. This hasn't bit me yet, but it's there. Darn.

v1.0.2 - 2000/10/22

Completed generalization of Generic methods from Static and Hash. Rewrote ClassVar and PackageVar to use Generic framework.

Attribute expansion can now substitute values besides name, using *{attr}.

Added _diagnostics function and documentation of all failure messages.

Added SEE ALSO section to documentation, brief review of Class::* on CPAN. Stumbled across Damian Conway's very nice Class::Contract module.

Added Scalar and Flyweight implementations.

v1.0.1.1 - 2000/10/21

Rolled back change from yesterday; can still pick templates like '-java'. Allow attributes to be specified as '--foo'=>'bar' or '--'=>{foo=>'bar'}

Automated caching for meta-method definition hashes.

Generalized several Static and Hash interfaces into Generic templates. Added Static:array and Static:code support.

Allow global -import to set default sources for templates, exprs, behaviors.

v1.0.1 - 2000/10/19

Support inheritance of templates between meta-methods with -import.

Made "template" an attribute, rather than a special state variable.

Allow any attribute to be specified as -foo=>'bar'. Changed selection of standard templates from '-java' to '--java'.

Initial support for string-eval behaviors and code_exprs, and

v1.0.0 - 2000/10/14, 2000/10/15

Completed initial pass of full rewrite.

Assorted cleanup of syntax and documentation.

Moved Hash, Static, and Index implementations into separate packages.

v0.9.3 - 2000/09/30

Refactored subclass_name and class_registry.

Folded in some misc improvements from Class::MethodMaker 1.0.

v0.97x - 2000/08/04 to 2000/08/13

Forked from Class::MethodMaker 0.96. Substantial rewrite started

Created build_meta_method and refactored many methods to use it.

Added new_hash, hash_init, new_from_prototype.

Extended arg format. Added -template=>behavior_name. Added support for array-of-names arguments.

Performance tuning. Additional refactoring to support AutoSplit functionality.

Also folded in some older changes and additions from Evolution's internal collection of MethodMaker subclasses: