Matthew Simon Cavalletto


DBIx::DBO2::ToDo - Tasks, ideas, and bug reports


  • It seems to be better practice to query for test DSN in Makefile.PL, rather than in

  • The current test script is woefully inadqueate, and does not test the full public interface of this framework.

  • Records should be using prototypes for new(), to simplify both setting defaults and changing the default implementation class.

  • Continue to add field types, while trying to maintain some degree of consistency in naming and clarity in interface.

  • Move most of the primary key logic into primary_key field declarations, including fetch_id.

  • Add automatic generation of useful indexes.

  • Finish building out field auto-detection to include on-demand method generation.

  • Fix RecordSet filtering and sorting.

  • Replace Record::DefinedRow with Table::Static.

  • Former versions of this package used the DBO::* namespace, but this is a poor choice for public redistribution, ie CPAN. But what would be a better name for this framework? Some candidates:

  • Move all of the AUTHORS and LICENSE blocks to ReadMe.pod Include a SEE ALSO in all modules pointing to ReadMe.pod.