Matthew Simon Cavalletto


DBIx::SQLEngine::Changes - Revision history for DBIx::SQLEngine.


2002-01-13 Fixed logging scope errors. Filled in several mising chunks of documentation. Makefile.PL touchups for distribution.

2001-12-01 Separated from object-relational mapping functionality. Moved to DBIx::SQLEngine namespace.

2001-11-30 Began adjusting namespace for CPAN distribution. Fixed use of AnyDBD to not require non-standard patch.

2001-06-28 Use DBIx::AnyDBD for platform-specific issues. Moved SQL-generation code from Table to SQLEngine.

2001-06-27 Moved to DBO2 namespace. Renamed from Adaptor to SQLEngine. Flattened class hierarchy; we're only going to support DBI. Expunged old code. Switched to new Class::MakeMethods distribution.

2001-02-14 Reversed boolean sense of 'nullable' to 'required'.

2001-01-29 Fixed code to detect length and nullable column information.

2001-01-13 Added retry on "Lost connection to MySQL" errors

2000-11-29 Switched to use of Class::MethodMaker 2.0 features.

2000-03-31 Added SQL-string to execution failure.

2000-03-03 Adjusted clear_connection.

1999-08-18 Added MySQL tinyint column code

1999-07-27 Added use of DBO::Column package.

1999-04-21 Added explicit disconnect if existing connection's ping fails.

1999-04-05 Added reconnect if can't ping server behaviour; add'l type codes

1998-12-08 Cleanup of logging.

1998-12-08 Added parameter handling and on-demand class loading.

1998-11-01 Changed importing style for Class::MethodMaker.

1998-10-05 Revised. Rewrote POD.

1998-05-09 Moved connection behaviour from SQL Table into Adaptor classes.

1998-03-16 DBAdaptor package (and subpackages) renamed to DBO::Table.

1997-11-18 Simon: Updated to current practice.

1997-09-24 IntraNetics97 Version 1.00.000

1997-08-20 Eric: Created