Matthew Simon Cavalletto


DBIx::SQLEngine::ToDo - Tasks, ideas, and bugs


There are a number of things that could be done to improve this module.


Centralize logging interface by making 'DBI', 'SQL' arguments to general function.


The test script is fairly minimal and really ought to exercise much more of the public interface. Specific things to add to the test include:

- Test for inserting, updating and selecting nulls, including "is null" test.

- Test new transaction code.

Finish moving all license, change, and todo blocks to their appropriate locations.


The column-information retrieve in DBIx::SQLEngine::Default should be using DBI's type_info methods.

Database Feature-Specific Interfaces

Proposed: Extend the base interface with the following interfaces:

  • fetch_select_with_limit

  • do_insert_with_sequence

Proposed Array Select interface

# ( $row_arrays, $column_hashes ) = $self->fetch_rows( %clauses );

// Also visit_rows, fetch_named_query_rows... [?]

Pre-defined Query Library

Proposed "Named Query" interface:

# $sqldb->define_named_query( name , string_or_sub ) // or return current

# %clauses = $sqldb->prepare_named_query( name, args ) // with conversion, recursion

# ( $row_hashes, $column_hashes ) = $sqldb->fetch_named_query( name, args )

# @results = $sqldb->visit_named_query( code, name, args )

# $result = $sqldb->do_named_query( name, args )

Additional Criteria

The Criteria subclasses are woefully incomplete.

Future Database-specific Functionality

Additional subclass logic will be required to support the following:

  • All: type of long field

  • Oracle: single, trailing long.

  • MySQL, Oracle: downcase column names.

  • DB2: Long insertion via multiple updates.

  • Informix: escape newlines on insert/update/where and select