Matthew Simon Cavalletto


DBIx::SQLEngine::Driver::NullP - Extends SQLEngine for Simple Testing


  my $sqldb = DBIx::SQLEngine->new( 'dbi:NullP:' );
    table => 'students' 
  ok( $sqldb->last_query, 'select * from students' );


This package provides a subclass of DBIx::SQLEngine which works with the DBI's DBD::NullP to provide a simple testing capability. See the "t/null.t" test script for a usage example.

Queries using the NullP driver and subclass never return any data, but do keep track of the SQL statements that are executed against them, allowing a simple way of checking whether the SQL generation code is working as expected.


See DBIx::SQLEngine for the overall interface and developer documentation.

See DBIx::SQLEngine::Docs::ReadMe for general information about this distribution, including installation and license information.