Matthew Simon Cavalletto


DBIx::SQLEngine::Criteria::HashGroup - A group of string criteria


  my $crit = DBIx::SQLEngine::Criteria::HashGroup->new( 
    customer => 'Acme Inc.', status => [ 'open', 'pending' ]


DBIx::SQLEngine::Criteria::HashGroup objects provide a convenient way to bundle several criteria together in a Perl hash structure.

Each key-value pair is converted to a StringComparison Criteria, except if the value is an array reference, which produces an Or group of StringComparisons that will match any one of the provided values.


See DBIx::SQLEngine::Criteria and DBIx::SQLEngine::Criteria::Comparison for more information on using these objects.

See DBIx::SQLEngine for the overall interface and developer documentation.

See DBIx::SQLEngine::Docs::ReadMe for general information about this distribution, including installation and license information.